Fosfo, het bange monster.

Toddlers are often afraid of the dark, it makes their imaginations run wild. But there is one thing they like to do before bedtime: reading. What if those bedtime stories could take their fear of the dark away? Together with Uitgeverij Averbode and Dimitri Leue I made a book that glows up in the dark, to learn children that the dark is not scary at all.
The story 'Fosfo, het bange monster' (EN: Phoshpo, the scared monster) is about a monster that can't sleep. The little monster is laying in the dark and he thinks there is a human child hiding under his bed. Throughout the story, Fosfo learns that he doesn't have to be afraid of the dark at all, and that there aren't any human children under his bed. 

The story is visually represented trough illustrations that consist of luminous ink. The book glows up at night and helps your child overcome his or her fear of monsters and the dark.

The story was written by Dimitri Leue.
The graphics are illustrated by Margo Van Onderbergen.
The book is published by Uitgeverij Averbode.

The orginal conceptual video.

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